About ACME Communications, Inc.

ACME Communications provides ultra-high speed internet, digital telephone, and digital high definition television to residential and business clients in Westville, La Porte and Michigan City, Indiana via our company owned fiber optic network. ACME’s commitment to continuous improvement allows you unprecedented access to the world’s most advanced communication system. We are committed to expanding our fiber optic network to service larger areas. Our business processes are continually refined so we can provide you with outstanding customer service. You are a vital part of ACME Communications, and we are always looking for ways to improve your experience. It is important to us that you enjoy your relationship with us. We offer high speed fiber optic internet in Westville, LaPorte, and Michigan City, Indiana. Call us to see if you’re in our service area. Why choose ACME? • Local service from people who work and live in your community • Fiber optic network providing reliability, clarity, and affordability • 205 digital television channels, including 146 HD channels • Full-featured digital telephone service • Ultra-high speed Internet to meet all of your needs • One, easy-to-understand monthly bill that combines all of your services • Savings on every service when you create a bundle Company History In 2003, Acme registered as a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and became a regulated utility providing telephone and Internet services to residents and businesses in LaPorte and Michigan City, Indiana. In 2005, we began the construction of our fiber optic network to connect LaPorte and Michigan City, Indiana, initially to service local government’s need for interconnecting facilities and for Internet service. As the advantages of our fiber optic network became known, educational and financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and small and large businesses began requesting service. Consequently, we continue to expand our fiber optic network in areas where demand is the greatest. In 2008, we began constructing our fiber optic network in portions of the Trail Creek neighborhood of Michigan City, IN as part of our plan to begin offering television service. In the same year ACME was issued a State-wide Franchise Certificate to provide digital TV service. In 2012, we launched our digital TV service to residents and businesses located within our fiber network service area. Over the years our fiber optic network has grown to meet the demands for ultra-high speed Internet, reliable network connectivity, and affordable digital telephone and television services.