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Fiber Optic Advantage

Fiber optic technology provides ultra-high speed Internet  up to 1Gbps for an always on, speed of light connectivity for Internet access, telephone service, and top quality television. In addition, advanced services like security and automation for your home and business can be easily accommodated. Simply put, our fiber optic network offers more bandwidth and more flexibility than alternatives, at a similar cost, due to  its long reach and practically unlimited capacity.

What are the benefits of fiber?

Increased Reliability – Fiber optic cables are extremely reliable and are not as susceptible to weather, distance, and other variables that influence telecommunications services delivered via copper facilities. Fiber is currently the most reliable telecommunications infrastructure available anywhere.

Faster Speeds – Fiber optic cables have a much greater capacity than traditional copper lines. This means the capacity for faster and much more consistent Internet speeds.

Increases in Home Value – Research shows that fiber-to-the-home can increase a home’s value by as much as $5,000 according to research by the Fiber-to-the Home Council and other sources.*

*RVA,LLC Homeowner and Developer Survey and Research commissioned by the FTTHCouncil, 2009.

Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference-Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is a common type of noise that originates with one of the basic properties of electromagnetism. Magnetic field lines generate an electrical current as they cut across conductors. Electromagnetic Interference does occur in coaxial cables, since current does cut across the conductor. Fiber optic is immune to this EMI since signals are transmitted as light instead of current. Thus, they can carry signals through places where EMI would block transmission.

Data Security - There are no radiated magnetic fields around optical fibers; the electromagnetic fields are confined within the fiber. That makes it impossible to tap the signal being transmitted through a fiber without cutting into the fiber. Since fiber optics do not radiate electromagnetic energy, emissions cannot be intercepted and physically tapping the fiber takes great skill to do undetected. Thus, the fiber is the most secure medium available for carrying sensitive data.


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